Classroom to Copy #1: An ode to teachers-turned-copywriters

podcast May 08, 2023

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I took a break to focus on some big changes at work, but now I’m back with a post dedicated to all the transitioning teachers out there, whether you’re thinking of becoming a copywriter or not. The full post can be found in the link pinned below.

In this post, I share:

> My personal experience transitioning from teaching to copywriting

> How I leveraged my teaching experience to succeed in copywriting

> Advice for anyone who is transitioning from a previous career into copywriting

> The importance of not taking your unique skills and talents for granted

> 3 specific ways in which a teaching experience can help you in your copywriting career — especially if you’re an English teacher

> Why I embrace AI and am not afraid of it — and how it boosted my career at the most opportune time

So I wanted to start this conversation. I would love to get to know you and where you’re at in this journey.

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