Classroom to Copy #10: How Teachers Can Break Free from Burnout & Build Thriving Careers as Copywriters

podcast Jun 07, 2023


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This special episode is a response to a Copy Chief post by a fellow former teacher, Kristy Chadwick. In this episode, you will discover:

>> How to leave teaching (when the time is right!) and overcome guilt – so you can thrive as a copywriter…

>> My and Kristy’s thoughts on the overwhelming demands faced by teachers, the toll it takes on your mental and physical health, and the burnout it leads to…

>> How to prioritize self-care and happiness (after years of depriving yourself of both) when considering a career transition…

>> 3 tips on transitioning to copywriting: how to start, what attitude to adopt, and the #1 step to take BEFORE you even consider copywriting…

>> Why I believe copywriting is such a fulfilling alternative career for former teachers…

>> My honest thoughts on the impact of a person’s work environment on mental health – and how all that’s changed for me since I’ve become a copywriter!

What about you?

Have you ever felt guilt or self-doubt about leaving the teaching profession? How did it affect your decision-making process?

Feel free to send your questions and thoughts my way. I’ll be happy to answer any questions in my future episodes!

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