Classroom to Copy #11 – Q&A: A Day In The Life of a Teacher-Turned-Copywriter + How to Know if Direct Response Is For you

podcast Jun 14, 2023


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In this episode, you will discover:

>> Updates on the exciting future of my “Classroom to Copy” podcast – including a very special guest I’ll be interviewing next week, and my latest transition in the world of direct response copywriting… 0:00

>> What I’ll be covering today – Is copywriting for you…What a day in the life of a copywriter looks like… What exactly is direct response copywriting… 4:25 

>> The first step you absolutely must take before considering a leap from teaching to copywriting… 6:03

>> What a day in the life of a direct response copywriter looks like – the Tania edition (I can’t claim to speak for ALL copywriters! 😆)… 8:07

>> How to really tell the difference between content writing and direct response copywriting, plus the IMPORTANCE of your daily writing rituals… 12:08

>> Why direct response copywriting is not for everyone – important questions to ask yourself before jumping into this lucrative field… 21:19

What about you? Have you ever considered direct response copywriting? Did you hear anything that excites or scares you about direct response?

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