Classroom to Copy #13: Former Special Ed Teacher Chris Orzechowski On How to Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Copywriting Empire

podcast Jun 28, 2023

Today, I’m interviewing a very special guest. To me, he represents the next step in the teacher-turned-copywriter journey, and so much more. He’s where I want to be in the next 3 to 5 years. He’s none other than THE Email Copywriter himself, Chris Orzechowski.

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In this episode, you will discover:

>> How Chris Orzechowski saved MY copywriting career multiple times (probably without knowing it himself) 😆…0:02

>> Chris’s background as a Special Ed teacher and how he knew teaching wasn’t for him…2:15

>> How he started making money online while teaching… and how getting laid off from his first teaching job “lit a fire under his ass” to make copywriting work for him…4:49

>> Why “winning takes care of EVERYTHING”… how he used sick days and personal days to boost his copywriting career… and the 3 “flows” you need to have before you’re ready to “rip the bandaid off” and make the tough decision to leave……8:33

>> How he MADE the time to keep his copywriting business growing as a teacher…14:30

>> The top 3 things he invested most of his time, energy, and money on… to get GOOD and make money from copywriting…17:18

>> Why you NEED to break out of your teacher circle to build a copywriting network… and his SECRET to growing his network fast and doubling his ROI…19:43

>> How ONE opportunity changed everything for him and led to a 31-month project that made him almost $200K… and how to quickly get KNOWN for what you do… 26:01

>> How to earn monthly copywriting income BEYOND full-time jobs and one-off gigs… 30:50

>> His pep talk for teachers who think it’s impossible to command so much authority and income in copywriting – especially after coming from a field where it was pretty much the opposite… 36:25

>> BONUS: THE NEXT STEP FOR TEACHERS-TURNED-COPYWRITERS… His advice for anyone who has broken into copywriting and wants to move beyond simply offering copywriting services… to building a multi-million-dollar empire like his…39:31

About Chris Orzechowski:

In 2013, Chris knew from his first day as a teacher that he didn’t want to work a job for the rest of his life, but didn’t know what else he could do. So he started studying copywriting. In 2015, he landed his first copywriting gig and realized he’s found the “thing” he wants to do for the rest of his life. In 2017, he finally quit to become his own boss and full-time email copywriter. It’s been TEN years since Chris started, and he’s worked with over 200 clients like Jeff Walker, Filippo Loreti, NeuroGym, The Hustle, Betterment, and Rich Dad Poor Dad, generated over $100 million in revenue, and helped over 4,000 students start their copywriting careers. In 2020 he earned his millionth dollar from copywriting. In 2022, he was featured in a Forbes article where he talked about making $974,000 from his copywriting business last year… while only working four to five hours a day… with less than ten years of experience as a paid copywriter. He also does consulting, coaching, and team training, and he works as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (fCMO) for two brands. 

To learn more about Chris and his copywriting services, get a free copy of his book, “Make It Rain” at… and follow him on Twitter at

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