Classroom to Copy #14: From Teaching in China to Writing Financial Copy with Alex Perry

podcast Jul 26, 2023

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  • Introducing Alex Perry, my fellow financial copywriter.0:02
    • Alex’s unique teaching background and teaching background.
    • Her journey of becoming an English major.
    • Her journey into direct response.
  • Teaching in Wuhan, China.3:25
    • Learning mandarin for the job in hong Kong.
    • Leaving America for China.
    • Deciding to leave China during Covid-19.
  • Why did you decide to pursue copywriting? 9:05
    • Going back into journalism after a lacklustre experience.
    • The freedom that copywriting gave her in her 30s.
    • What she loves about the craft.
  • The perfect marriage of creative writing and copywriting. 14:17
    • The best kept secret for English majors.
    • How financial copywriting differs from other forms of writing.
    • Teaching experiences that transfer over to copywriting.
  • Why copywriting is more lucrative than writing? 19:24
    • Why copywriting is a great way to hone skills.
    • The key to being a good writer.
    • How copywriting can help pay the bills.
    • Why copywriting can be a grind.
    • Why royalties are dependent on the list.
  • The financial freedom of copywriting.25:35
    • The financial freedom that comes with copywriting.
    • The first taste of financial stability.
    • The learning curve.
  • How the financial publishing industry is changing.29:58
    • The financial copy market aligns closely with the stock market.
    • Measuring success by getting words on paper every day.
    • The one thing that keeps her going.
  • How to break into the copywriting industry.35:33
    • How to get started with copywriting.
    • The 3 things that build the best copywriters.
    • Using LinkedIn

About Alex Perry: Alex is a copywriter with 6+ years of experience in direct response. She’s generated over $5 million in sales in the Fin Pub industry and have helped raise over $10 million for companies going through Regulation A+ offerings. She’s also written multiple top-performing lead gen and YouTube campaigns. She’s a marathoner, avid book reader, and writer of fantasy and science fiction short stories. She also has a dog. Alex says, “If you know me, you already know this because I have likely made you look at photos of that dog.” You can connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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