Classroom to Copy #18: Melanie Warren – From Teaching 9th-Grade Algebra to Becoming Tony Robbins’ Copy Chief

podcast Nov 28, 2023

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In this episode, you’ll discover:

1:03: Melanie’s background as a former 9th-grade algebra teacher with a huge caseload of IEP students… and all the cool strategies she used to get their attention

4:51: “My whole life has been about children… but [now] they’re a little bigger, and I can get out of the house. What am I going to do?”

7:46: How teaching forces you to fight imposter syndrome – and why you should do the same with copywriting

9:12: “When you’re on a steep learning curve like that, everything feels like the biggest deal ever. [But] it’s mostly not. It’s just that you’re becoming a person who was always living on their edges.”

10:19: Why being a former teacher helped Melanie snag a place on Kevin Rogers’s Copy Chief team… as well as her first paying retainer client

12:32: How she became one of Kevin’s first copy coaches for his Real Free Life program… and how the attendees inspire her as a coach

14:46: Melanie’s #1 secret for going from a sudden layoff to an interview with Tony Robbin’s team… just a few days later!

17:21: How she survived the emotional hiring process by brilliantly using the top 2 strategies every great copywriter uses in their copy

19:40: The surprising number of skills Melanie transferred over from teaching to copywriting – including the ones we take for granted

21:30: How Melanie juggled five kids with copywriting and freelancing… and how she’s using the same skills she used as a super-Mom as a copy chief today

24:22: Her advice for anyone who’s on the fence about leaving teaching for copywriting… and why she can’t think of a teacher who wouldn’t excel at copywriting

You can connect with Melanie on her website here and on her LinkedIn.

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