Classroom to Copy #21: Former Junior College Teacher Siti Zahidah on Becoming a Public Relations Manager & Copywriter

podcast Feb 26, 2024

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In this episode, you will discover:

  • [0:00:42] Zahidah’s background as a former Junior College teacher who taught General Paper in Singapore for 8 years
  • [0:01:39] Her current job as a Public Relations assistant manager for a tech startup in Singapore
  • [0:01:51] How Zahidah overcame her imposter syndrome and feeling unqualified when she was hired for her current PR role
  • [0:02:30] A trip down memory lane – what she enjoyed about teaching, and the challenges she faced along the way
  • [0:05:57] Her honest, highly practical reason for becoming a teacher in the first place – something we both share in common!
  • [0:10:56] Zahidah’s fascinating past as a musician and songwriter
  • [0:12:30] Our frank discussion on what it’s REALLY like to be a creative in Singapore
  • [0:15:33] Zahidah’s turning point – the moment she decided to leave the teaching profession for good
  • [0:17:09] Her thorough job search process – how many jobs she applied to on LinkedIn, and how long it took her to land her next role  
  • [0:19:53] How Zahidah leveraged BOTH her teaching and music experience to transition smoothly into public relations, marketing, and communications
  • [0:22:35] More about her current PR role and how she works on crafting compelling stories to humanize tech products in a more relatable way
  • [0:31:35] How Zahidah balanced her career transition with her family responsibilities and raising two children
  • [0:37:58] Her best advice for teachers who are thinking about leaving – what to try before making the final decision, how to manage expectations, and how to prepare for the lifestyle change

You can connect with Zahidah on LinkedIn here.

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