Classroom to Copy #22: From Daycare Teacher & Bartender to Financial Copywriter: Carolynn Ananian’s Journey

podcast Mar 26, 2024

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[00:25] Introducing former daycare teacher and bartender, Carolynn Ananian, who pivoted to a successful career in financial copywriting.

[01:12] Carolynn reveals why she explored numerous jobs before landing on a copywriting career.

[04:26] Learn how her unique daycare teaching experience taught her some incredible skills she still uses in copywriting today – including the surprising truth about what toddlers and adults have in common!

[10:29] Find out why working with lawyers on Wall Street steered Carolynn away from law school and saved her a quarter million dollars!

[13:13] Discover how a chance interaction with a French customer while working retail at Williams Sonoma inspired Carolynn’s approach to understanding customer needs.

[18:04] Carolynn shares how keeping a finger on the pulse of public sentiment helps her write better financial copy that connects deeply with her readers.

[21:47] Learn how bartending (and talking to inebriated people!) gave her unique insights into human behavior that are essential for copywriting.

[22:54] How she stumbled into copywriting – and the common misconception we all have about this career: “Why would I want to work with trademarks?”

[28:27] How pulling an all-nighter at a bar during the Copy Chief Live conference landed Carolynn her first in-house copywriting job with Agora 

[32:07] Why she picked the challenging financial copywriting niche – and why becoming a financial copywriter is like getting a job on an oil rig

[40:33] Get a behind-the-scenes look at Carolynn’s experience of joining Stansberry Research, one of the leading financial publishers.

[50:15] Carolynn's advice for aspiring financial copywriters, including: the importance of knowing the right people – and surprising alternative roles to consider applying to.

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