Classroom to Copy #4: Discovering Your Copywriting Niche Part 2: Lessons from Teachers Turned Copywriters

podcast May 08, 2023


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In this episode, you will discover:

>> The exciting future of this podcast (hint: I want to help more teachers transition to copywriting and get paid well for it!)

>> How different teachers-turned-copywriters approach the process of “niching down”, with a special shoutout to Elizabeth SalisburyCharlotte Ellis, and Ben Henken

>> My special guests on next week’s episode at Copy Chief Live, who’ll be sharing their unique experiences of breaking into copywriting

>> Charlotte Ellis‘s super cool and unusual approach to niching down that’s unlike any approach I’d ever seen before

>> My take on Elizabeth Salisbury‘s really great medium posts about transferrable skills teachers bring to copywriting [see below, they’re a must-read!]

>> The surprising advice I got about “niching down” early in my copywriting career

My biggest question I’ll be asking teachers and other #careerchange folks next week: Why copywriting?

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