Classroom to Copy #5: The Value of Community and Mentorship in Copywriting w/Chris Pearson & Ben Henken

podcast May 08, 2023

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Meet Chris Pearson and Ben Henken.

They very kindly allowed me to interrogate them for a SUPER special episode of my podcast (which I finally named), Classroom to Copy.

Check out Episode 5, “More Done Than Perfect — The Value of Community and Mentorship in Copywriting”!

(So, although Chris didn’t transition from teaching, he’s got a really cool story that I believe anyone can learn from.)

We talked about:

– How Chris went from quitting his job without a plan, with only two months of savings… to clearing $20K in total gross revenue last month and working on a huge deal with an agency to build their email department…

– How Ben went from being a Math teacher and assistant principal… to becoming an email list manager for DTC eCommerce brands, information clients, and ed-tech clients within a year!

– Why you shouldn’t overlook (1) your use of time, (2) your budget, and (3) your short-term sacrifices to successfully make the transition into full-time copywriting

– How Chris and Ben took vastly different approaches to generating leads and clients for their freelancing businesses

– Chris’s surprising “trick” for making great sales calls, and Ben’s interesting perspective on Upwork as a “front-end offer” for his funnel

– The ONE thing all 3 of us have in common that accelerated our progress and transition (we all wish we’d discovered it sooner)

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