Classroom to Copy #7: Guilt, Regrets, and Freedom: A Teacher’s Honest Reflection on Switching To Copy

podcast May 17, 2023


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In this episode, you will discover:

– My take on how an acquaintance can leverage her unique advantages as a sociology teacher to succeed in copywriting

– My answers to her 3 great (and thought-provoking) questions:

(1) How long did it take you to transition out of teaching full-time?

(2) Did you have any feelings of guilt over leaving your school and students?

(3) How can teachers navigate these emotions and reconcile their desire for a new career path with their dedication to their students’ growth and development?

– Plus: 5 practical steps for minimizing regret about leaving teaching and transitioning smoothly into copywriting

What about you? How do you think teachers can overcome guilt and find peace in pursuing a new copywriting career?

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