Classroom to Copy #8: Former Teacher Charlotte Ellis Shares Insider Tips on Balancing Teaching, Copywriting, and Building a Lucrative Writing Business

podcast May 24, 2023

In the latest episode of “Classroom to Copy,” I had an inspiring conversation with my special guest Charlotte Ellis, a former preschool teacher who successfully made the leap from teaching to copywriting. 


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In this episode, you will discover:

>> How Charlotte gradually built her copywriting business while still teaching – including some very practical advice and strategies…

>> Her unique way of “niche-ing down” and how she helps entrepreneurs stand out in competitive industries.…

>> How she leveraged her background in Child and Family Development and her teaching experiences in Cambodia and New Zealand to become the copywriter she is today…

>> The importance of discipline, consistency, and setting boundaries when juggling teaching and copywriting…

>> Our insights into the financial aspects of transitioning from teaching to freelancing…

>> Charlotte’s networking strategies for attracting leads and dream clients.

Some great quotes from Charlotte!

About tipping your toes in the water: “I think it’s a good idea, before you go all in on something, to try it out. Like the first course that I did was a pretty low investment…. Try a couple of different things as long as you’re not in that state of trying different things for too long, like as long as you have a goal of trying things in order to make a decision.”

About why she works with parenting, weddings, and real estate businesses: “To me, it’s about building that life that you’ve always dreamed of… I work with their clients because you wouldn’t really work in that industry unless you cared about people and it attracts people who are passionate about families and creating a good experience for people.”

About how teaching preschoolers can be similar to writing copy: “You have to start with understanding them first… You have to get on their level and let them know — ‘I know you’re not happy about doing this. I get it. You’re frustrated…’ — before they’re gonna listen to you.”

Meet Charlotte Ellis, web copy extraordinaire!

Originally from the US, Charlotte has traveled the globe and taught in diverse settings, from running an English school in Cambodia to working as a team leader and preschool teacher in New Zealand. She discovered the world of copywriting through a Facebook ad and eventually transitioned into copywriting full-time. Today, she lives in New Zealand with her family. She writes web copy for industries she’s passionate about, such as parenting, weddings, and real estate.

To learn more about Charlotte and her copywriting services, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website.

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