Classroom to Copy #9: Writing the Next Chapter of Teaching Through Copy with Elizabeth Salisbury

podcast May 31, 2023


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In this episode, you will discover:

>> Why former Reading and Writing Specialist Bitsy Salisbury decided to explore alternative career options…

>> Why copywriting stress looks COMPLETELY different (and BETTER) than teaching stress…

>> Bitsy’s personal experience of overcoming burnout and feelings of being stuck in her teaching career…

>> The #1 step she recommends you take BEFORE considering copywriting as an option…

>> How she leveraged the top 8 parallel skills between teaching and copywriting to gain clarity and confidence in her new role…

What about you? 

>> Does Bitsy’s experience resonate with you? 

>> What strategies or resources do you think would help you explore alternative career paths outside of teaching? 

>> What other skills and experiences do you think teachers can leverage in copywriting?

About Bitsy Salisbury

Formerly a fourth-grade teacher in Colombia, Bitsy Salisbury now wears multiple hats as the communications and website manager for Generation Schools Network in Denver, Colorado. Bitsy leverages the parallel skills between teaching and copywriting to her advantage, from crafting compelling emails to designing captivating promotional materials.

To learn more about Bitsy and her copywriting services, connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her Medium!

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