Guess how many ex-teachers I met in Nashville?

Oct 22, 2023

If you’re a teacher who’s thinking of making the leap into the lucrative world of copywriting, which is the art and science of writing ads, emails, and sales pages to sell products and services…

And you want REAL-LIFE examples of former teachers who’ve done just that…

Allow me to introduce you to some fine individuals I caught up with in Nashville.

(Before this gets confusing: “Copy Chief” refers to an online community of kickass marketers and copywriters founded by the legendary Kevin Rogers… and a “copy chief” is someone who leads/manages a team of copywriters and edits their work.)

First, meet Sean MacIntyre, the first teacher-turned-copywriter I “met” online in early 2022. (He’s the dude in the cap on the far right.) He’s written some of the top financial promos for Agora and currently runs several businesses, including his own financial publishing firm and a copywriting platform for beginners.

He didn’t know at the time, but the moment I found out he used to teach Literature (just like me!), I saved EVERYTHING he posted in our Discord community and followed his advice for breaking into financial copywriting religiously.

Charlotte Ellis and Ben Henken, two wonderful teachers-turned-copywriters I interviewed in Nashville. I’m sorry I didn’t get better photos with you guys!

Charlotte taught preschool and now writes for a personal branding and social media agency as their copywriter, writing copy for all of their clients.. Ben taught Math and was a former assistant principal, and now, he’s a freelance copywriter and email marketer. Both are kicking ass today, and we celebrate our recent wins in a brand-new Classroom to Copy episode dropping next week.

Kelly Brown, my boss and copy chief at Stansberry Research (the lady in the middle), who apparently did student teaching for a few months before figuring out it wasn’t for her. I asked if I could get the full story from her on Classroom to Copy and she agreed! Look out for that episode in the coming weeks. 

Also pictured above (between me and Kelly) is Joshua Lee Henry, a former mega-church pastor. He’s the current copy chief at Money & Markets (a franchise at Banyan Hill), leader of the World of Financial Copywriting Club in the Copy Chief forum, and basically coached me through every step of my financial copywriting journey. PLUS he just agreed to hop onto Classroom to Copy to share his journey into copy and why he chose NOT to become a professor.

Melanie Warren, a former Algebra and Sunday School teacher, and as of last month, Tony-freakin’-Robbin’s newest copy chief! (I unfortunately forgot to take a picture with her cuz I was too busy interviewing her.) 

She’s also one of my coaches in the Copy Chief forum’s Accelerator program. Her advice at each stage of my journey has always been on-point and kept me going when I thought I wasn’t ready for (or was ready to give up on) new opportunities.

Kristy Chadwick, a former fifth-grade teacher and current force of nature in the Copy Chief community. I JUST interviewed Kristy on Classroom to Copy about her journey so far and all the waves she’s been making in our community. She shared some incredibly heartfelt stories and advice that made me tear up… and I’m certain many transitioning teachers will relate to her story. You go, Kristy!

And of course, there’s Chris Orzechowski, a former Special Ed teacher who’s built a multimillion-dollar copywriting empire. Every single time I’ve been stuck in my copywriting career, I’ve turned to one of Chris’s courses for help. (That means binge-watching ‘Double Your Deliverability’ in ONE day to fix newsletter problems when I worked at Cardone Enterprises. 😂) He’s also one of my guests on Classroom to Copy, and I just booked a call to talk biz-nez with him next week (What can I say? He’s a CONSTANT source of inspiration.)

Then there’s lil ol’ me. 👋

That makes 9 of us who were former teachers… or considered teaching at some point in our careers… before we all ended up in this crazy world we call copywriting.

So what’s the one thing that drew us ALL to Nashville like moths to a flame?

As you might have guessed… 

It’s the Copy Chief community.

There is an ENTIRE frigging community of us super-friendly, supportive teachers-turned-copywriters on the forum Tania…

And the amazing folks I introduced above are just a FRACTION of the teachers-turned-copywriters I know.

So remember, you’re not alone… and my community is YOUR community.

Whenever you’re ready, I hope you’ll join us in Copy Chief. 

(Full disclosure: I may earn a small commission when you join, at no cost to you.)

And if you’re not ready, that’s okay too! You can check out all the interviews I’ve done with these amazing former teachers for free here. (Sean, Charlotte, Ben, and Chris’s interviews are all up on my website right now… with more to come soon.)

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