I’m back on Copy Chief Radio. Here’s why Kevin Rogers and I think teachers make great copywriters.

podcast Jul 12, 2023

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s what Kevin Rogers, my mentor and one of the greatest copywriters in the world, says about teachers:


The realization hit me like a brick to the noggin’…

“Teachers make great copywriters for the same reason comedians and musicians do… they spend a lot of time interacting with a live audience.”

I’ve seen the pattern for years in Copy Chief; former teachers getting very good, very fast, as copywriters and replacing their teaching careers as freelancers.

However, I hadn’t drawn the comparison that teachers are “performers,” the same as any artist who performs live.

The advantage for performers is those years of experience receiving real-time feedback from audiences.

If you’re “killin’ it” you feel it… and if you’re “eatin’ it” you know it.

Teachers have an even greater advantage over artists in two ways…

  1. They do up to seven “shows” a day, which allows them the greatest opportunity to hone their material.
  2. They get direct feedback from students on what resonates, and where they struggle with the material.

So, it’s no wonder that teachers make great copywriters.

Today I’m talking with Tania Yeo, a former language arts teacher on how she has excelled at growing her skills and her career as a copywriter, just ONE YEAR after leaving teaching.

You don’t need to be a teacher or educator to have light bulbs flashing all over your brain in this episode, but if you are?

Whoa, Nelly!

Listen to Copy Chief Radio #293 Why Teachers Make Great Copywriters w/Tania Yeo

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