the BIGGEST secret to job security as a copywriter?

Jan 21, 2024

The Copy Chief forum is home to the world’s best job listings – where clients pay to hunt for their next copywriter… and a supportive community of copywriters share great gigs with each other.

Below is a list of jobs we currently have up in the forum, from the January 15th Copy Chief digest:

Hot Leads on the Copy Chief Job Board:

  • Part Time email and social media copywriter wanted. 15 hrs/week. $40/hr
  • Looking for a Part-time Financial Copywriter/Marketer
  • Post Pilot hiring remote Content Marketing Manager
  • Full time, Remote Direct Response Copywriter wanted for Virtual Real Estate Company
  • Direct Response Copywriter for Real Estate Niche
  • Can You Write a Killer Webinar and Beat My Control?
  • Email and Blog Copywriter Needed with Finance Writing Experience
  • FT Email Marketer & Funnel Strategist for Personal Finance Media Company
  • Female Copywriter wanted for Mara Glazer’s team
  • Email copywriter for boutique eCommerce email & SMS marketing agency

There have been more listings since they sent this on Monday, by the way.

If you’re not a Copy Chief member yet, click here to use my affiliate link and get more details.

How I Used Copy Chief to Find My Dream Copywriting Clients

I was overjoyed when I got my first ever financial copywriting gig – after six months of intense studying, job-hunting (+rejection) and connecting with new people online.

Never did I imagine that a week later, team meeting invites would start vanishing from my calendar… and my new “colleagues” would stop replying my emails.

I thought I’d done something terribly wrong… but as it turned out, almost everyone I worked with during my short stint there had been laid off.

I was a brand-new contractor at the time, and the chances of another gig with this company were slim.

I could have lost hope and completely given up

And I probably would have if it wasn’t for my mentors encouraging me to keep putting myself out there when everyone else is withdrawing…

Plus the copywriting “insurance” I keep in the back of my pocket.

That’s why I made this video – to show you the #1 thing that gives me peace of mind every night as a copywriter.

👉 Find out more here (affiliate link)… and scroll down to see the latest list of jobs we have available in the Copy Chief community.

In this video, you will discover:

  • 00:00: The secret “insurance” I use to rest easy at night knowing there’s one place I can always find work as a copywriter…
  • 00:47: How to make sure you’re only applying to work with copywriting clients of the highest quality – who are willing to pay for good copy…
  • 02:03: How I overcame a period of massive layoffs in the financial copywriting industry…
  • 04:12: My top tips for applying to copywriting gigs strategically and quickly, PLUS how to get the best gigs you won’t find anywhere else delivered straight to your inbox…
  • 07:55: Why you shouldn’t wait till you think you’re ready to start applying for copywriting gigs…
  • 09:38: How to handle rejection like a champ – and why constant rejection is actually GOOD for you…
  • 12:34: Another example of how I used this “insurance” to take risks during another period of job uncertainty

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