the secret to getting “so good they can’t ignore you”

Jan 06, 2024

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At the beginning of my copywriting journey, I couldn’t afford 1-1 coaching or mentorships… but I desperately wanted SOME inkling of how I was doing as a newbie.

After all, as Cal Newport writes in So Good They Can’t Ignore You:

“It’s in honest, sometimes harsh feedback that you learn where to retrain your focus in order to continue to make progress.”

So when I discovered the unlimited critiques that the Copy Chief community offered as part of their membership, I was sold.

To answer a reader’s question about how unlimited critiques work on Copy Chief, here’s a short video I made. 

Check out Kevin Rogers’ full video tour of Copy Chief here. (Tip: search for “Copy Chief walkthrough – Watch Video” on the page.)

Learn more about the World of Financial Copywriting here.

In this video, you’ll see:

  • How to navigate the unlimited critiques section of both Copy Chief and the World of Financial Copywriting Club (where I posted most of my work)…
  • Why it helps both you AND the community if you follow the rules for posting copy laid out in the pinned posts of the critique section in the forum…
  • My experience of posting my earliest pieces of practice copy on the forum and how I constructively engaged with the pros who took time out of their busy days to critique my copy…
  • Why I used the forum to get the community’s blessing on my copy samples before sending them to my potential clients…
  • And most importantly, how I used the community’s generous feedback to get “so good they can’t ignore me”!

Other points I didn’t manage to cover in the video:

1 – Getting “So Good They Can’t Ignore You” was my mantra in 2022.

I didn’t really care about anything else.

I didn’t care about the money.

I didn’t care about how difficult it might be.

I didn’t care about the fact that most direct response copy jobs, especially the ones that pay well, seem to be based in the US and closed to non-US residents. 

(That turned out to not be true, you just gotta know where to look.)

All I knew was that I wanted to become so skilled at copywriting that potential employers and clients couldn’t ignore me.

Which brings me to how I did it…

2 – Every time someone, especially a more experienced copywriter, gave feedback on my copy, I would save their feedback in different checklists I made for the different types of copy I was focusing on.

In my case, as a financial copywriter, I was focused on writing promotional emails, advertorials, and promo leads.

So I was cutting and pasting whatever feedback the pros gave me and putting it in checklists of my own.

These were the checklists I used before sending any writing samples to different financial publishers… 

As well as before getting my first gigs with Banyan Hill and Cardone.

For me, getting unlimited critiques wasn’t just about getting feedback on each piece of copy.

It’s about eventually learning to see and internalize how the pros see copy so you can apply that perspective to your own work.

That’s how you get better over time.

3 – The one thing I noticed at the beginning, when the World of Financial Copywriting was brand new, was that very few other people were posting their work at the time.

That made me feel self-conscious… like, wow, I’m getting the undivided attention of all these pro copywriters looking at my work. 

Am I bothering people? Am I taking advantage of them?

But I was too focused on getting better to let these insecurities stand in my way.

Bothering people is not something you need to worry about in Copy Chief because there’s an entire community where literally anyone can give feedback on your work.

And it’s such a giving community that no requests goes ignored.

There’s always at least one person who will drop by and say “Hey, here’s how you could have done this thing better.”

4 – This might be a bit controversial.

Look, I think it’s great to participate in other parts of the forum. 

I think lots of very fruitful discussions take place there, like how to navigate client relationships, how to cope with difficult clients, and how to deal with the rise of AI.

But if you’re right at the beginning of your journey, I believe the No. 1 place to focus your energy is posting copy, getting your work seen, getting feedback from the pros, and getting your copy better with each iteration.

Everything else is just a distraction, especially for people like me with shiny object syndrome.

In my personal opinion, posting copy for feedback where people need to spend the MOST time at the beginning of their journey, especially because of the point I’m going to make next:

5 – The more you post your work out there, the more your stuff is getting seen, the more top of mind you become in the community.

This means that people are seeing your name a lot. They know that you’re putting in the work, they know that you’re actively participating.

I can’t stress just how important that is.

I didn’t realize until this year how deep of an impression I was leaving on the experienced copywriters who gave feedback on my work…

Until I became the assistant copy chief at Cardone and I was tasked with looking for new copywriters for our team.

Since becoming a full-time copywriter, I had less time to to post in the community…

But it doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of who’s actively engaging in the community… who’s learning and growing each day… and who seems to be a great person to work with.

All the potential hires I reached out to in the community were the ones who were actively posting their work, who showed that they were open to feedback, they were open to learning.

In that moment, I realized that potential clients and employers, whom you might not have spoken to or interacted with often in the community, could be lurking and watching your progress day-by-day.

The more you post your work, the more you show you’re open to feedback, and that you’re willing to put in the work to keep improving on each iteration of copy…

The more you’re leaving a good impression on other copywriters…

And you’ll be top of mind when a space opens up on their team and they need to hire someone new.

They’ll have seen that you have a great work ethic, that you can take feedback, which are among the top qualities that clients look for in a copywriter.

Yes, those matter more than experience.

I would say I got both my full-time roles at Cardone and Stansberry, despite having close to zero experience, by (1) investing in genuine relationships with people in Copy Chief and (2) on the strength of my writing…

And there was no way I could have done either without constantly putting myself out there, posting my work, and getting feedback.

Hopefully, this gives more context to the quick video I shared and you’re better able to see how to take advantage of unlimited critiques to get better.

And I hope that you become so good that nobody can ignore you too, boo!

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