Tired of Rejections? Here’s How Become a Highly Sought-After Copywriter with Your Unique Teacher Qualities

Jul 19, 2023

If you’re a transitioning teacher who’s considering copywriting as a career switch…

Or you’re tired of getting yet ANOTHER rejection for a resume you spent hours perfecting, this post is for you.

You see, six months after I’d left teaching, I was in FULL-BLOWN panic mode.

I’d just discovered many of the online tutoring companies I wanted to work at were shutting down.


The biggest market for these companies at the time was China…

Which decided in 2022 to ‘ban’ online foreign tutors…

Claiming they gave wealthy kids an unfair advantage over their peers.

I started wondering if I’d made a HUGE mistake…

All because when I left teaching, I assumed no one would hire me…

Unless I added a spanking new set of paper qualifications to my resume.

(Sound familiar?)

Even after a scholarship from the Ministry of Education in Singapore… four years at one of the top art schools in America… and 6 years of teaching experience…

I thought the only job I could do as a digital nomad was to teach English online.

(There’s nothing wrong with that — but I wish I’d discovered other options!)

So I invested some cash and almost two months getting my TEFL certificate… and never got to use it.

That’s a good thing by the way.

This passage from my weekly reading at work explains it all (yes, I’m getting paid to read amazing books, among other things, and I’m in heaven):

“No matter what your job title is, no matter what you did before coming to Agora, we want you to feel like there’s no limit to your potential here. Because it’s true. From the very beginning, Agora never had job requirements. Job requirements come from a bureaucratic approach to business. At Agora, you never needed a certain kind of education or a certain number of years of experience. The only questions were ‘Who wants to make this happen?’ and ‘Who wants to do the job?’”

(Agora is a major online publisher of health, finance, and investing newsletters. I currently do contract work for its offshoot, now a public company of its own, Marketwise.)

Here’s the thing:

This quote doesn’t only reflect the culture at Agora or Marketwise.

At every step of my journey — from Upwork… to freelancing… to working inhouse…

I’ve noticed there’s 3 important qualities clients care about MORE than a copywriter’s years of experience, qualifications, or resume.

These are 3 qualities that you, as a teacher, are uniquely positioned to offer.

Most transitioning teachers don’t seem to be aware of these qualities…

But they make all the difference when it comes to dealing with imposter syndrome…

Finding dream clients…

And replacing your teaching income with a lucrative copywriting career.

Every teacher-turned-copywriter I know uses these 3 qualities to find success in their journeys.

Here’s what they are:

Your dream client is looking for a copywriter who:

1 – Cares about their business

2 – Wants to help solve their problems

3- Has great ideas

Yes, they sound simple… But they’re not as easy as they sound.

Let’s break each one down.

1 – Your dream client wants YOU to care about their business.

Say you see a great gig online on the Copy Chief job board.

Do you just shoot off an email in 15 minutes with a generic portfolio?

You’re probably never going to hear back from them.

So how do you show them you care about their business?

Think about it.

Do you start the first day of the school year dumping lesson material on your students?

What’s the first thing you do when you get a new batch of students?

This is a process I’ve used over and over to get a response from every job listing I’ve applied for.

And you can find out how to master this process in just a moment.

But first, let’s move on to #2.

2 – Your dream client wants YOU to help solve their problems.

Let’s say you’ve scored a prospecting call with this dream client.

You have 20-30 minutes on the phone or Zoom with them.

What do you talk about?

Do you ask about the pay? The hours? The number of assignments?

That’s a big mistake…

A surprisingly common one among copywriters…

Where your number 1 job is to sell your prospect a solution to their problem!

And as a former assistant copy chief…

You’d be surprised at the number of messages I’ve gotten where the copywriter only talks about himself/herself.

(I ignore those entirely.)

After all…

Once you’ve gotten your students’ attention… would you just start talking about yourself in the classroom?

Or extolling the virtues of your subject?

No, you find a way to make your lesson relevant to your students’ lives.

Similarly, you want to position YOURSELF as a relevant solution to your client’s problem.

There’s a simple question you can ask your client — whether it’s on a call or via email — to achieve that.

You’ll find out what it is in a moment.

Let’s talk about #3 first.

3 – Your dream client wants YOU to have great ideas.

Oftentimes, clients are coming to you in a moment of desperation.

They don’t want order-takers.

They want someone who has done 1 and 2, and is ready to take charge and propose great ideas for their business.

Because chances are, they’re all out of ideas.

And teachers are naturally creative and adaptive, especially in response to HUMAN BEINGS.

You just have to pay attention.

So how do you show your dream client that you have these great ideas?

Think about the portfolio you’re sending them.

Does it show you’re paying attention?

Are you just sending them everything you’ve ever written?

And what do you do if none of your samples are relevant to their business?

I hope this helps!


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