🧑🏻‍🏫 I'm looking to work closely with 5 transitioning teachers who are committed to becoming full-time, world-class copywriters.

The goal?

To coach you in a small group setting and get to know your work ethic...

🏆 So you'll be the first person I recommend to my mentor, Kevin Rogers ("The MOST connected man in the copywriting industry") when his network of clients is looking for new copywriters.

These are incredible jobs you NEVER see listed on LinkedIn or Indeed - because when the BEST copywriting clients need world-class copywriters, they go to Kevin first.

That's how I landed my $70K-$100K full-time copywriting jobs - and now, I want to share my network with YOU.

❌ NOTE: This is NOT for you if you're looking for copywriting 101 or beginner copywriting training. (But there's a simple fix for that... Keep reading... 👇)

You'll get small group coaching on my best strategies for transitioning teachers to:

  • Leverage your teaching background
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Revamp your LinkedIn and resume
  • Build a killer portfolio
  • Attract the best, well-paying, NON-lowballing clients

🛠️ These are the same strategies that:

  • Landed me my first copywriting gig with a multi-million dollar company within 6 months of pivoting to copywriting...
  • Got my foot in the door of Cardone Enterprises - where I became assistant copy chief less than a year of joining the company as a junior copywriter... 
  • Helped me get my current 6-figure, royalty-paying job with my dream client, Stansberry Research.

📝 This is a 10-week coaching program, starting June 3. There will be lots of hands-on practice, copy critiques, and group accountability to help each teacher hit their next copywriting career goal.

🙌 Once you complete the program and show me what you're made of, I'll be your fiercest advocate in matching you up with copywriting jobs from Kevin Rogers' exclusive network.

It WILL take hard work, of course...

But by demonstrating your work ethic, leveraging your teaching skill set, and accessing the best copywriting network in the world... 

I believe THIS program is the fastest way you can make your name in the lucrative copywriting industry as a former teacher.

NOTE: This group is limited to 5 students only.

🚨 BEFORE applying, you have to:

  • Complete the 6-Day Direct Response Copywriting Crash Course in my Classroom to Copy eBook
  • OR submit your best copywriting samples and portfolio
  • AND go through a 20-min "vibe check" call to make sure we're a good fit

I'm letting you know early so you have time to prepare.

So, if you’d like a community of like-minded teachers cheering you along the way…

If you want accountability and support in preparing your job applications and portfolio…

If you’d like my help transforming this summer into the LAST summer you’ll ever spend dreading your return to the classroom…

Drop your details below and be first to know when you can apply.

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