Classroom to Copy eBook

For busy teachers who want everything they need to know about this career transition at their fingertips

This e-Book is your comprehensive guide to leaving the classroom and making the successful transition to copywriting.

What you'll get in this e-Book:

  • What is Direct Response Copywriting?
  • 10 Reasons Why YOU Would Make a Great Copywriter (a useful chapter for writing your resume and preparing for interviews)
  • 10 Common Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid as a Former Teacher (don't make the same mistakes I made!)
  • Your 6-Day Direct Response Copywriting Crash Course - This is the cliffnotes of all the direct response copywriting principles you need to know. I did all your studying so you didn't have to! (this alone is worth $200 - but you won't pay anywhere close to that today!)
  • How to Build Your Copywriting Portfolio from Scratch while Studying Copy so you can shave weeks off your job search - includes a BONUS copywriting checklist to make sure your writing is up to par
  • Ways to Transform Your Resume for Copywriting Success (and create fantastic talking points to use in your job interviews)
  • How to Find Copywriting Jobs - even in places you never thought to look 
  • The Best Ways to Find Your People (a.k.a. Networking)
  • How to Ace Your Copywriting Interview - includes example interview answers tailored just for teachers-turned-copywriters
  • A Handy 8-Week Action Plan to Get Started - which you can adapt to your unique circumstances and schedule
  • Tips for Staying Motivated - because let's face it, this isn't an easy journey
  • Plus: 2 Bonus Chapters that will be revealed once you complete your purchase.
  • PLUS PLUS, you get lifetime updates as I continue to grow the content in this book!

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